Always Writing

It’s strange updating this website after it was stagnant for so long.  I had quite a few drafts sitting around concerning topics that seem irrelevant now.

I deleted most of those today.  I’m sure it won’t be long until I have more half-finished posts sitting in the queue never to be seen, but that’s just the way it goes.

Even when I wasn’t updating the site, I was still writing.  I just didn’t think that most of what I was writing was fit for public consumption.  Most of it was just me complaining about the state of things.  Here’s an excerpt:

My car is filthy.  I park under a tree and birds crap on it all day.  There are no birds in my office, but I know how it feels…

That’s the beginning of a rant that went on for two pages.  Who would want to read that?

I guess some people might find it funny in a dark way. I try to put  a little humor in everything I write, even if I’m in a bad mood at the time.

I feel like I’m in a better place now, both geographically and mentally, so expect more posts around here.  Also, I park in a garage now, so no more crap…

3 thoughts on “Always Writing”

  1. I park under the bird-crap tree now. Dale accuses me of driving around looking for birds 🙂 I’ve learned to carry an umbrella….Somewhere over the rainbooooowwww (maybe that’s where you are now LOL

  2. It’s good that you park in a garage now since you don’t have any car wash connections in Austin!

  3. Funny that you say that. I was just talking to Ben about that yesterday, while walking across the parking garage to my car.

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