As I mentioned yesterday, I’m starting to work my way through the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. Here are a few links that should help you get started if you’d like to follow in my footsteps.

First, you should know that the full text of the book is available online for free. It’s also available for purchase at, but it costs $69.51.

You can watch the the SICP lectures on Google Video. You can also download these videos in high quality and reformatted for the iPod.

Since you’re going to be programming in Scheme, you’ll need an interpreter. I’ve had good luck with DrScheme on both Windows and Macintosh. They also have a Linux version available.

The main thing you’ll need to get through this book is time. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to link to that yet. If you come across a link to some spare time, be sure to leave a comment below so I can have some, too.