E-Mail Therapy

It seems like everyday I receive an e-mail that (to me at least) deserves a flaming response. Almost daily I find myself wanting to unleash all of my pent up rage at someone or something via e-mail.

When I receive one of these e-mails, I used to spend quit a bit of time thinking about it. Trying to decide whether I should really let the person have it or just let it go. This was a source of stress that I just don’t need anymore.

So here’s my solution to this problem:

  1. Click Reply To All. (These messages are almost always addressed to a group. My boss and his boss are in the group 99% of the time.)
  2. Type a scathing reply. Leave no stone unturned. I try to make it clear that I am so far beyond the level of intelligence held by the sender that they can’t even comprehend the magnitude of what I am saying.
  3. Carefully move the mouse to the close button at the top of the window.
  4. As I click the close button, I say the word “send”.

This gives me all of the pleasure of expressing my true feelings on the subject, without the pain of getting fired and having to find another job.

I’ve done this twice so far today. Tomorrow will probably be worse. But, I have a smile on my face and happiness in my heart…

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